Shoe Polish Formula

subject:Shoe Polish Formula
Formulation type:POLISH
Formula Description:Shoe Polish
Formula consists of:"Hoechst" Wax OP/1.0Carbon Black/0.5Melt the waxes together with the silicone oil and 10 parts ofmineral spirits and adjust temperature to 105'C (avoid temperatures ofover 105'C). Add under rapid agitation, the remainder of mineral spiritseither preheated (60'C) or unpreheated in such a way that a mixingtemperature of 70'C is obtained. Continue rapid agitation until batchreaches room temperature.FORMULA No.3 (Aerosol"Aerothene" MM Solvent/20.0Paraffin Wax 133/135'F/16.7"Aerothene" TT/23.0Isopropyl Alcohol/19.9"Dowanol" DPM/1.5"Silicone Fluid" 556/0.5"Acryloid" B-72 Polymer/2.0Perfume/0.1"Hoechst" Wax RT/0.8Propellant 12/33.0Turpentine/20.0"Hoechst" Wax O/7.5"Hoechst" Wax OM/1.5"Hoechst" Wax FL/0.8Mineral Spirits/50.0Silicone Oil/3.0"AC-6"/1.0Mineral Spirits/94.7Black Oil Dye/3.0