Heavy Duty Detergent Formula

subject:Heavy Duty Detergent Formula
Formula Description:Heavy Duty Detergent
Formula consists of:Sodium Silicate RU (46%)/8.9Use Dilutions:Medium Duty- 2-4 oz/galHeavy Duty- 4-8 oz/galpH (as is) = 12.7Foam = ModerateCharge water, start agitation and then add N sodium silicate. Then addNaOH solution and agitate until clear. Finally add "Monaterge" 85 andcontinue agitation (approx. 45 min) until solution clears.FORMULA No."Neodol" 25-3S (60% AM)/16.8K2CO3 1.5H2O/25.0CMC As Is/0.5Water/q.s."Tinopal" 5BM/0.5"Tinopal" RBJ 200%/0.025Polar Brilliant Blue RAWL 110%/0.005-0.05"Odrene" 22/0.05Water/q.s."Tinopal" RBJ 200%/0.025/45.0N Sodium Silicate/40.0Sodium Hydroxide (50%)/10.0"Monaterge" 85/5.0Surface Tension (dynes/cm-2% sol'n @20'C)/30.5Diethanolamine/10.0"Tinopal" 5BM/0.5/40.0"Neodol" 25-9/25.0N Sodium Silicate/40.0Sodium Hydroxide (50%)/10.0"Monaterge" 85/10.0"Gantrez" AN-149/N25-9 (99/1)/1.0Surface Tension (dyn
Preparation method:To a mixing tank, charge proper amount of water.Note: In order to predissolve optical brighteners, baking soda and avoid over-dilution, suggest you retain a portion of water.With agitation, add proper amount of "Accodet" HD. Mix until homogeneous and clear. With agitation, add proper amounts of optical brightener, dye, perfume and 37% formalin. Mix until homogeneous and clear.Check pH and solids. If necessary, make adjustments.pH (as is)- 8.0-9.5 Solids- 25-30% pH should be stable over 20 min intervals. Check pH! When approved, buffer system with 0.1% bicarbonate of soda. Do not add buffer until pH is stable and meets specification. the baking soda may be predissolved in a small quantity of water prior to it being added to the production mix. Blend until pH is stable, approximately 20 min.Remove sample for pH and solids. Shut off agitator and allow air to escape from product. When approved, package.