Egg Shampoo Formula

subject:Egg Shampoo Formula
Formulation type:COSMETICS
Formula Description:Egg Shampoo
Formula consists of:Sodium Chloride/4.0Add egg to 10 parts of water to disperse gee before addition tobatch. Add opacifier to 10 parts of water to disperse before addition tobatch. Adjust pH to 7.0. Add sufficient salt for 1500 cps-after allcomponents added.FORMULA No.Opacifier ("Morton" E-295)/0.2Ethylene Glycol Monostearate/3.0spray Dried Whole Egg/2.0Formalin/0.1Phosphoric Acid/ pH 6.8-7.2Powdered Egg/0.2Water/BalancePerfume/q.s.Water/59.2Color (Yellow)/q.s.Perfume/q.s."Lakeway" 301-10/40"Maprofix" SP/20.01:1 Coconut diethanolamide/4.0Salt/q.s.Propylene Glycol/1.0
Preparation method:Heat water and "Lakeway" 301-10 to 65-70'C adding amide slowly while mixing. Mix in propylene glycol and sodium chloride. Add e.g.monostearate slowly, mix thoroughly. Add egg powder. Adjust pH. Cool slowly to room temperature. Add perfume and package.