Wash Primer (Chromic Phosphate) Formula

subject:Wash Primer (Chromic Phosphate) Formula
Formula Description:Wash Primer (Chromic Phosphate)
Formula consists of:Polyvinyl Butyral Resin/9.0Chromic Phosphate/9.0Basic Zinc Chromate/-Isopropyl Alcohol (99%)/-Acid Componen85% Phosphoric Acid/1.8Ethyl Alcohol/54.5Water/1.8Talc/1.4Ethyl Alcohol/6.4Strontium Chromate/-Methyl Isobutyl Ketone/16.1
Preparation method:Manufacturing instructions are similar to those given for Formulas No.1 and No.2. However, in the case of Formula No.3, the laboratory of the Corps of Engineers at Fort Belvoir Va., prefers an alternate manufacturing procedure. The dispersion should be satisfactory in the pebble mill by the end of 24 hours, if the mill is not overloaded. At the end of 12 hours' grinding, the mill is stopped and the phosphoric acid added while the contents are still warm. The mill is then allowed to run for the remaining 12 hours, when the balance of the acid component is added. In this way an increase in stability and performance is obtained.The three formulas shown in this table may all be pre-mixed with a stability of at least 6 months.